Stoll Family

Chris answered the Lord’s call to preach when he was in high school. To prepare for the Lord’s calling, he enrolled in Baptist College of Ministry in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. During his college years, he travelled on the Minutemen youth evangelistic team in 2002 and again in 2004. While in college, God also made it clear that He had given Chris the gift of the evangelist. In 2006, the Lord opened the door for Chris to lead a group of fellow students to Negros Oriental in the Philippines for an evangelistic mission under evangelist Mike Redick. It was during this time of great harvest that God really built Chris’s faith in the area of large-scale evangelism. In May of 2007, he married his wife Zoe in Dublin, Ireland where they were involved in the ministry in Arklow and at Lifegate Bible Baptist Church in Tallaght. While living and working in Ireland, God began to deeply impress Chris with the extent of the spiritual blindness of the people in Ireland.


In 2008, Chris returned to Wisconsin to pursue further training and to teach on the faculty of Baptist College of Ministry. It was during this time that God made it clear that Ireland is where He had ordained to use Chris’s evangelistic gift. God then opened the door for Chris to spend a month in Arklow, Ireland for a town-wide evangelistic endeavour, which God used to confirm His call. 

Although Ireland has now tragically closed its doors to any new American missionaries staying long-term, God has overruled for Chris. Being married to Zoe, an Irish citizen, allows him to stay in Ireland for life, fulfilling God’s call.


Chris is deeply burdened to return to Ireland to be used of God to build and plant Baptist churches across this land in which the Gospel lacks a voice to take it to the myriad of towns and villages where there is no Gospel witness. God has called Chris to do this via open-air preaching, tent meetings, and personal evangelism. God has also called him to exhort the existing churches in areas of surrender and faith so that they can be effective in reaching their own people with the Gospel. Chris is now endeavouring to raise support to return to Ireland to fulfil God’s call.

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